VJS Editor Team  

Editors in News  
Hao Vo, PhD. candidate, Environmental Engineering
University of Arizona, USA
Van_Anh Bui, B.Sc. Researcher, Laboratory of stem cell research and application
Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Bich_Lieu Tran, Master candidate, Public Health
Oregon State University, USA
Tuan Anh Le
Maize Research Institute of Vietnam
Coordinator of News
Editors in Tech&Science Daily  
Thai X. Dam, PhD., Civil Engineering 
University of Michigan, USA
Hoang Le, PhD., Pharmaceutical Bioscience 
Seoul National University, Korea
Minh Phi Nguyen, MD, Environmental Toxicology 
Chulabhom Research Institute, Thailand
Editors in Research and Review
Tuan Tran, PhD. candidate, Plant Pathology
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Thanh Vu, PhD., Mathematics
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
Truong Nguyen, PhD., Cancer Biology
Stanford Cancer Institute, Stanford University, USA
Minh Tran, PhD. candidate, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Ngoc C. Le, PhD., Mathematics
Ha Noi University of Science & Technology, Viet Nam
Y-Minh Nguyen, PhD., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Thai Nguyen University of Technology, Viet Nam
Design and Production Manager  
Duong Nguyen, Sale presentative
Viet Khoa Scientific Co. Ltd., Viet Nam
IT Administrators  
Duc Minh Le, PhD. Candidate. Software Engineering
University of Southern California, USA
Minh Pham, PhD. candidate, Machine Learning
University of Southern California, USA