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Liem Minh Phan, PhD, Cancer Biology
University of Texas, Houston, USA

Minh Giang, PhD, Food Science and Nutrition
French National Institute of Agriculture Research
Executive Manager




Linh Le, Executive Manager/ Project Manager

School of Science and Technology RMIT University, Saigon South



Tuan Anh Le
Maize Research Institute of Vietnam
Coordinator of News
 Hoang Le, PhD., Pharmaceutical Bioscience 
Seoul National University, Korea  
Editor of Tech&Science Daily
Thai X. Dam, PhD., Structural Engineering 
University of Michigan, USA
Coordinator & Editor of Tech&Science Daily
Duc Minh Le, PhD. Candidate. Software Engineering
University of Southern California, USA
IT Admin
Minh Phi Nguyen, MD, Environmental Toxicology 
Chulabhom Research Institute, Thailand
Editor of Tech&Science Daily



Binh Pham, Student,  Chemistry
Dong Nai University, Vietnam

Facebook Admin

Long Bui
Coordinator of Interview Team

Thuy Tung Nguyen,

Coordinator of 

Career Team